EuroModular pre-installation on AluHARD500+. Get ready for the future!!

The EuroModulars in working tippers are already here. This affects trucks, trailers and semi-trailers, with special requirements in their structures and electrical, electronic and pneumatic equipment. For this reason, to make possible a tipping semi-trailer towing another trailer, it must be manufactured in their origin, at least with the pre-installation.

ROJO Trailer offers two possibilities on its AluHARD500+:

  1. Complete installation of the semi-trailer, for EuroModular towing vehicle. In this case, in addition to the structure, all electrical, electronic, hydraulic and hook elements are included to directly apply the trailer.
  2. Pre-installation. With which, in addition to the structure to fix the hook in the future, the semi-trailer will already leave the factory with all the electrical, electronic, and pneumatic installation. Not including the hook itself and the hydraulic line with towing control valve, which can be easily coupled in the future, when it will be wanted to be used the AluHARD500+ as a EuroModular towing vehicle.

Stay ahead. Get ready for the future!!!

Watch the  video: