The 44 tons will not reach the Works and Construction in Spain

Last 30th of September, the Spanish Ministry of Transport clarified that the 44 tons, if one day they are introduced in Spain, will be limited to the Automotive Sector. And, as long as there will be a consensus between shippers and carriers. This explanation, communicated in writing from the Ministry, establishes that there will be …

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Two semi-trailers delivered in Sweden

Sweden has a very specific law for heavy haulage. Also it is different to the European law. Trailers need very specialised and strict configurations. ROJO Trailer has these models from 2012. This month two units of three and four axles have been delivered in the southeast of the country.

Reciclatge Verd Marrones increases its tipper yard with Rojo Trailer

In this case, Reciclatge Verd Marrones includes our model AluHARD 450+ with 40m3, with Universal tailgate, which is ideal for recycling material, abrasive products and ferrous waste transport. Also, as always, with the resistance and lightness that distinguishes us.

Mesnager Transport (France), purchases two GP3 more.

Mesnager T., completes its fleet with four units ROJO Trailes, customised and adapted for this important transport company on the northeast of France. The special rear and front ramps, with loading angles lower than 8º – 9º, ensure the maximum safety on the loading and unloading processes.

Urbyma, of the Spanish Group MLN (Mariano López Navarro), increase their fleet with AluHARD 500

Now, they increase their fleet with two AluHARD 500 more to their three AluHARD 450+ that they already had, in order to optimize the link between tare/resistance and, therefore, maximizing the performance. AluHARD 500, with a chassis and box innovative design, incorporates more advanced steels and they obtain more resistance and they are especially lighter: …

Urbyma, of the Spanish Group MLN (Mariano López Navarro), increase their fleet with AluHARD 500 Read More »

Rojo Trailer on the cover

The international special transport magazine « Le Mille Pattes » shows on its cover Rojo Trailer, underlining the range of GR Line low-loaders. The report on Rojo Trailer can be read inside: click here


  Everyone has a solution in ROJO Trailer. We offer models of two, three and four axles (Scandinavia). From the ultra-compact tippers of two axles for 6×4 or 6×6 trucks to three or four axles models with 50m3. But every AluHARD450+ model and AluHARD500 has something in common: PRODUCTIVITY. The maximum resistance and durability of …


Two trailers more for the Scandinavian Killingmo Freseservice

The Norwegian company Killingmo Freseservice, completes its fleets with ROJO Trailer. From  2016 they bought several machine-carriers of two, three and four axles. All of them are impressive and very specialized for their activity of road milling. And with measures and equipment adapted to the Norwegian driving regulations.