5th Boat Carrier for Capelle Transports France.

Capelle Transports France completes its boat transport offer with a fifth ROJOTrailer with the capacity to transport sailboats, motor boats and public works machinery. The immense advantage of this trailer is its versatility. Allowing the transport of all types of boats during the summer and any other machinery during the rest of the year. Never …

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AluHARD500 progresses

Four years after the launch of AluHARD500 we evolved the design with significant improvements. The new rear increases its inclination up to 10º. With a new robust and aerodynamic pillar. Contributing to its energy efficiency. We increased the length in front of the K.P in the compact models. It increases the load on the 5th …

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We doubled our power generation

This year, 2023, we have doubled the surface of solar panels for self-consumption, which we installed in 2020. Now, we generate 55% of our electrical needs. Our commitment is to be 100% self-sustainable in 2026.

5 years of the Spectacular ScandHARD500

Designed for Scandinavia, it has the special property of moving the axles back two meters to drive on public roads. Retracting, even with full load, to allow the unloading. The photos that our clients sent us are really spectacular.  

From north to south of Europe

This week we deliver four special vehicles, destined for the extremes of Europe: two extendable GP3 for Seville (Spain). And a set consisting of a GPED4(1X) of 18.5 / 27.5 meters, with a GRS2(1X) detachable neck with pendular axles and extra-low extendable bed, for Gothenburg (Sweden). Same quality, for all conditions of use and country.

EuroModular pre-installation on AluHARD500+. Get ready for the future!!

The EuroModulars in working tippers are already here. This affects trucks, trailers and semi-trailers, with special requirements in their structures and electrical, electronic and pneumatic equipment. For this reason, to make possible a tipping semi-trailer towing another trailer, it must be manufactured in their origin, at least with the pre-installation. ROJO Trailer offers two possibilities …

EuroModular pre-installation on AluHARD500+. Get ready for the future!! Read More »