GPE4 (1X) with hydraulic widening, for New Caledonia

The hydraulic widening makes possible adapting the low-bed to the merchandise wide in just a few seconds. Also, it makes possible that the drivers will work completely safety and without making the physical effort of handling the traditional widening heavy structures.

AluHARD 500 in Portugal

 We have recently delivered two AluHARD 500 to two companies in our neighbouring country. In this case, it is our AluHARD 500 model with 26m3 V chassis since Portuguese regulations allow 44 tons on the group. With this product they get 32 ​​tons of payload.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021!

From ROJO Trailer we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy beginning of new year. Our facilities will be closed from the 25th  December 2020 to the 4th  January 2021.  

GRS3 Pendle with extra low-bed and boat carrier support

The French company Martin Levage, specialist in cranes and abnormal and heavy haulage, purchased our pendle axle and detachable neck model, with telescopic extra low-bed. Also, it has equipped the supports for boats wich can be adjustable to any vessel, even sailing boats.

Chassis V of AluHARD 500. The perfection

It is an innovative design, with a “V” shape, which makes the traditional “Double T” chassis obsolete. The main beams are made of extra elastic steel folds. It has notably being reduced the welding and brittle joints, obtaining a 35% structural improvement over other steel chassis. Also, it is 300% toughter Furthermore, it has been …

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SAFRA Rénovations France purchases a bus-carrier with 21 meters of capacity

The new urban and airport buses, with almost 20 meters length are characterised because of having a small height from ground and long overhangs. Safe loading and unloading needs very special semi-trailers and with a great manoeuvre capacity. ROJO Trailer, innovation in transport.

The 44 tons will not reach the Works and Construction in Spain

Last 30th of September, the Spanish Ministry of Transport clarified that the 44 tons, if one day they are introduced in Spain, will be limited to the Automotive Sector. And, as long as there will be a consensus between shippers and carriers. This explanation, communicated in writing from the Ministry, establishes that there will be …

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