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AluHARD 500+

Plano AluHARD 500+

AluHARD 500+. The evolution of perfection.

Four years after the launch of AluHARD500 we evolved the design with significant improvements.

  • The new rear increases its inclination up to 10º. With a new robust and aerodynamic pillar. Contributing to its energy efficiency.
  • We increased the length in front of the K.P in the compact models. It increases the load on the 5th wheel, improving the traction and energy efficiency of the truck.

We updated the design, looking for a higher strength. And, simultaneously, we improved the weight incorporating the new steel SSABHardox 500 TUF on the box, a 20% more wear-resistant than the traditional Hard 450.

Both the chassis and the structural parts of the box incorporates extra-high flexible limit steels.

Do you know that: comparing the wear-resistance:

It is available in a two a three axle’s version and from 18 to 50 m3. Optional: Pre-installation for Euromodular.

AluHARD500+, more aerodynamic, more efficient, lighter…more productivity.

AluHARD 500+